Saturday, 14 January 2012 09:54

Cosmic Attitude

1993 Attitude Cosmic 1993 Attitude Cosmic gearlessinseattle

What a found... really rare Cosmic-color Attitude.

My friend from Seattle,WA made a nice found from local craiglist.

1993 Klein Attitude with rare Cosmic-color paint on it.

"The fella I bought it from raced road bikes in the mid to late 80's and was friends with a Klein Factory Road Racer who also worked for Klein.
About 1995, Joe(the guy I bought it from), wanted to get a bike he could ride around his newly acquired farm. His old friend, the Klein guy, said he had a bike that he could have in trade for a Cervelo that Joe had. They traded and that is that.
You can tell that it was a "employee" frameset by the hole in the dropout.
It also has the name of the "employee" on the drop.
OPIE was his nickname because, supposedly, he looked like the character from The Andy Williams show.
The paint is very cool. Much better then I thought it would be.
There are a couple of things that are strange.
The 1st is that there is RED under the paint. You can see it where the paint is chipped or scratched. Did the frame start as a different color?
2nd is that the rear brake hole looks larger, like they wanted V's but it is not big enough for a cable. Is that wear?
I would love to source a all Green or Turquoise kit. I think that would really highlight the paint but for now it will get full XTR M900."